Cheers! Skoal! Salude!

Maine’s craft beer industry has never been more robust. This year for the holidays, beer lovers can receive a Maine Beer Crate full of swag and certificates from breweries across the pine tree state at their doorstep. 

Maine Brew Bus
Go behind the scenes of your favorite breweries with a Maine Brew Bus koozie and coupon code for $10 off Portland’s Best Craft Beer Tour.

BeerMe Trucker Hat
Work hard and play hard in this classic action cap that lets others know how you feel about hops.

BeerMe Beverage Key
A credit card style bottle opener that tucks away easily into any wallet. Also doubles as a great wax scraper for skiers and riders.

Home Brewed Soaps: New England IPA
Scrub a dub in New England IPA beer soap made with Home Brewed Beer.

Portland Food & Nut Co.
To some, you can’t have beer without snacks, and this Spicy Pub Mix is paired with ales served at more than a dozen bars in Southern Maine. Snack on!

Allagash Brewing Company
Celebrate Maine’s Belgian-inspired brew with an assortment of swag from a company that has worked hard to make sure that Allagash White tastes the same as it did back in 1995, when Rob Tod brewed the first batch.

Atlantic Brewing Company
Enjoy scenic Bar Harbor while tasting Atlantic beer at Midtown Burgers at 52 Cottage St., Bar Harbor, Maine.

Lone Pine Brewing Company
Fill up this pint glass with Oh-J double IPA or Portland’s Pale Ale for a juicy, refreshing 16 ouncer.

Maine Beer Trail Map
Every must-see location in Maine for craft brews, from city pubs to river lodges.

Baxter Brewing Company
Pin up and throw a patch on your favorite denim to celebrate the first brewery in New England to can all of its beer.

D.L. Geary Brewing Company
Slap down a pint of New England’s first craft beer on a Geary’s coaster before experiencing the tasting room and brewery tours Thursday through Monday at 3PM in Portland.

Austin Street Brewery
Patina me crazy. This hop forward ale shares its name with the street it grew up on out of the garage of Jake the brewer. Thanks to them, you can lay your glass on some nifty coasters.

Urban Farm Fermentory
There’s something for everyone, even those who love ciders and kombucha made in Maine. Enjoy gifts from this cultural, fermentation factory that tickles the senses.

Yes Brewing Company
Stack your counter with coasters from this home-brew turned full-on brewery with a positive name located in Westbrook, Maine.

Maine Brew & Bev Guide
Raise a glass to the industry in this latest issue including Maine’s burgeoning craft beers, spirits, meads, and other delicious beverage companies. Heck, you may even learn how to brew your own beer!

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