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Cooking Crate

We have all gotten creative with our cooking and baking since the pandemic has begun, but we’ve noticed a bit of a plateau. The endless hours at home just aren’t bringing as much creativity and oomph as they did in the Spring and Summer. Our Cooking Crate is perfect for inspiring your hand in the kitchen. 7 hand picked, Maine made cooking products will have you enjoying the kitchen, once again!

Delivered in a hand screen printed craft mailer box, each crate features the following items:


Maine Maple Products — 3.4oz Maple Syrup
Fiore Oil — 4oz  Fiore Oil
Bub 'N Murtha's — 2oz Downeast Dust
SKORDO — 1.7oz Maine Blueberry Pork Rub
Lost Woods — 8oz Hot Sauce
Swans Honey — 2oz Wild Blueberry Honey
Maine Sea Salt — Maine Sea Salt