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Take a Break Crate

Our first snack crate was so popular that we just had to make another. We have chosen 6 of our favorite Maine snacks for your enjoyment. If you’re from Maine, this crate will make you think of Maine and if you’re not from Maine, then you will get an insight into our snack game.

Delivered in a hand screen printed craft mailer box, each crate features the following items:

Coastal Maine Popcorn — 5.3 oz Chocolate Caramel Popcorn
R.E.D.D. — 2 oz Energy Bar
Tandem Coffee — 2 Packets of Instant Coffee Time Temperature Blend
LiveME Maine - LoveME Mug
Maine Crisp - 3.7 oz Maine Crisp Crackers
Wilbur's of Maine - 6 oz Chocolate Covered Blueberries