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Looking For A Corporate Gift With A Maine Angle?

We have the gifts for you!

Feel free to order your corporate gifts online or fill out this form for help from one of our team members, but if you need to talk to a human, call Nate at 207-613-6002 or email at

“I love all the #Maine made treats and trinkets. Thank you Nate @cratefullmaine ! You turned an already wonderful experience at #SUM2018 into something even more memorable for this lady!”

Patti F

“I recently ordered a mass quantity of custom ordered boxes for my company to recognize our employees as recognition events are not an option at this time. CrateFull of Maine did an AMAZING job with communication, preparation and delivery. They were also very open about us selecting what was going into each box within our budget.
I highly recommend using this company as a thoughtful way to send anyone local Maine products. I have heard amazing feedback from so many of our Southern employees. It was a hit, for sure!”

Cathy C

We are honored to have brought CrateFull of Maine to these stellar companies & organizations: